Memorandum Of Association With Other Details

Account Details

1.FCRA Account Number for receiving Foreign Fund:

1884000100261287 RTGS Code:PUNB0188400

Branch,PNB Krishna nagar,Kanpur-208007

2.Donor Agency details:World Diabetes foundation,Denmark.

3.Mode of Receipt:Electronic Transfer(Wire).

4.Purpose of Transfer:Capacity Building For Prevention of Complication of Gestational Diabetes in Public health system,Uttar Pradesh with National health Mission,UP.

Training of 3000 Doctors and 6000 Paramedical Staff of Public health Facilities of 28 Districts of UP(MOU with NHM already Signed).

  • Jain Hospital

    108-B Gandhi Gram Vinobha Nagar
    Near Malik Guest House
    Ramadevi Kanpur,
  • Phone: 9044034370
    Mobile No: 9236011900
    Regd.No: 039790


I.    To Make partnership with various Govt & Non Govt agencies for deveopement in achieving Mellenium Developemnt

Goals set by United Nation.

Goal 1:    Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger

Goal 2:    Achieve universal primary education

Goal 3:    Promote gender equality and empower women

Goal 4:    Reduce child mortality - Child Survival elements:Prevention and management of vaccine preventable diseases (including cold chain system Essential newborn care, Management of the Acute respiratory Tract Infection (ARI) Diarrhoeal disease through ORT , prevention and Control of Vitamin A deficiency among children, Maternal and child nutrition including micronutrients e.g. iodine, iron etc, Integration with women and child development.

Goal 5: Improve maternal health .nant women at risk. -    Reproductive health elements: Responsible and healthy sexual behavior, Interventions to promote safe motherhood, Prevention of unwanted pregnancies, Safe abortion, Pregnancy and delivery services, Management of RTI/STD, Referral facilities for Government/private sector for preg

Goal 6:    To prevent Communicable (TB, Malaria, hepatitis, HIV) & Non communicable (Diabetes, hypertention, CVD, COPD, Obesity & lifestyle diseases

Goal 7:    Ensure environmental sustainability

Goal 8:    Develop a Global Partnership for Development

  • II.    Synthesis, in a single package, explicitly the interdependence between growth, poverty reduction and sustainable development; acknowledge that development rests on the foundations of democratic governance, the rule of law, respect for human rights and peace and security
  • III.    To integrate Medical Science with Spirituality & do Research in Alternative system of Medicine specially Indian Ages old ayurvedic system through opening of Medical college for foreign and Indian graduate to unable them practice high standard of ayurvedic medicine and holistic Medicine in there respective country

    Establish a Institute for Quantum Consciousness study with experimental database.

  • III.    To establish a well managed health system which delivers more effective services through refom policy, new institutional and human resource sustainable development.

    IV.    Building Capacity at state & national to analyses policy issues and undertake reforms for establishing well managed Health & social system at village, block & district level.

    V.    Developing successful health services models which can be replicated throught state & national level.

    VI.    Initiating actions for targeting the BPL( Below poverty line) population & bring them in main stream.

    VII.    Supporting implementation of Central Govt NRHM scheme in state by providing demonstration models for the new approaches in the mission.

    VIII.   . Work for the plantation & IEC of herbal plants which are useful as Therapy for common and uncommon ailments.

    IX.    Formation of SHG (Self help group) and Livelihood program in rural & Per urban area for self reliance and employment.

    X.    For the development of child & women work with ICDS,Aganwadi,SHG group to fight Malnutrition & women under nutrition including Anemia, Iodine deficiency, it D3 deficiency, night blindness, worm infestation, growth retardation.

    XI.   To work toward Medical education of Primary care practioners, nurse practioners in rural areas through Accredited and CME programs.

    XII.    To assist Govt in Rural Sanitation & Cleanliness drive like constriction of Sanitary latrines.

    Our Future Focus with Govt/NGOs/Private Organization.

  •    During the Meeting of Governing Board, General members, Staff meeting since last year, Jain hospital MSS has decided to reach with some short of development programs as a priority.

  •    We would like to start HIV/AIDS awareness program with the Adolescents, Youths and Migratory people in the near future in co-operation with State AIDS Control Society through District AIDS Control Cell & NCD prevention and Control.

  •    Intervention on Handicapped issues specially for the children in cooperation with Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India and other similar Donor agencies working on handicapped issues and corporate sectors.

  •    In future we will extend our programs in the adjacent remote Blocks as part of secondary intervention.

  •    Working with PRIs and Govt. Line departments for effective service delivery, greater transparency & accountability.

  •    Networking with other NGOs at the District, State & National level for public awareness, knowledge building and advocacy on Govt. policies affecting the lives of the poor and the marginalized.

  •    Media coverage on issue of the rural communities and documentation on best practices of the project and organization.

  • Finally in conclusion, MSS believes 'The desired development will not be achieved unless the people for whom the development is being thought off actively participated in the development process' All the time Jain hospital MSS Managing Committee, Members, Core group, Development professionals, Field workers, Volunteers ensure the people's participation before starting any activities at the community level in real sense. We can say this is one our organization's uniqueness.
    So Community development is an integral part of Jain hospital under MSS. The basic objective is People's empowerment and development of quality of life in a peaceful & harmonious environment in the community so that each child, youth get opportunity for development and the community people develop an attitude of help and cooperation among each other to reach to a vibrant rural community which leads towards social justice in spite of so many anomaly in the society.